Thursday, February 24, 2011

Technology Self-Assessment: School 2.0 (Nets 3,5) is designed to help you reflect on your skills in technology integration and to identify areas for growth.

I investigated Nets 3 and chose an article titled Top 10 Web 2.0 tools for young learners, by Chris Riedel.
Top 10 tools that are mentioned:
1-     Wikis: This is the most powerful tool. It can bring all students together on a single platform.
2-     Blogs: This tool is my personal favorite as it makes communication so much easier between  students, teachers, and parents….etc.
3-     Voicethread: It can be used to upload images or videos. Comments can be added.
4-     Glogster: It is like a personal webpage with embedded media links, sound, and video capabilities. It can be used to create presentations.
5-     Skype: Very cost efficient to make voice and video calls worldwide. Very helpful for class participation as well.
6-     Animoto: Used for presentations, and it’s easier than PowerPoint.
7-     Yack Pack: This tool is used as Web voicemail. Communication can be done by broadcasting a message for students, or parents.
8-     Create a Graph: Used to teach students how to create graphs and read data.
9-     Voki: It is an animated figure projected on the screen. It is a text to speech generator.
10-   Kerpoof: It is a website that provides a variety of tools for animation, drawing, and movie creation.

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