Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Journal 2: “Join the Flock!" and "Enhance Your Twitter Experience”. (NETS 3)

Ferguson, Hadley, & McClintock Miller, Shannon. (2010). Join the flock!, enhance your twitter experience. Learning and Leading with Technology, 37(8), Retrieved from

A PLN “Professional Learning Network” is a community of people around the world who learn together.  Twitter helps those people create a community built on communication.
To start this process, you can follow several steps:
1-     Set up your account.
You can sign up for a free account on twitter.  You’ll need to write a brief bio and post a photo.
2-     Learn to follow.
You can follow by simply clicking the follow button.  When the people you follow post something it shows up on your twitter stream.  You can search for a person you know or a group of people who are interested in the same topic.
3-     Check the lists that other people create.
4-     Wait and Listen.
You can just read tweets, blogs, and learn without saying a word if you are not ready.
5-     Start re-tweeting.
You can enhance your twitter experience when you are ready to be a part of the conversation, you can add a comment before re-tweeting.
6-     Expose yourself.
Begin tweeting the links you find. If you read a good article, copy the link and send it out.
7-     Tag your tweet.
Using a hashtag (#), a hashtag, as #teachers, will add your post to the stream of people who follow it.

Q1.  What is a twitter organizer? And what are the advantages of using it?
Twitter organizers such as TweetDeck or HootSuite, will help organize your twitter stream into columns.  You can open as many columns as you want, and delete them at anytime.
An organizer has many advantages; you can manage twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and MySpace all from one place.  You can also shorten your tweet using TweetShrink, and translate a tweet from a foreign language.

Q2.  How can you manage your tweets with a bookmarklet?
A bookmarklet Hootlet is a tool within HootSuite.  If you found a post to share, this tool will help you to easily send tweets to any of the accounts that you have linked to your HootSuite.

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