Saturday, April 23, 2011

Journal 9: Find Free Tools and More (NETS T 1, 2, 3, 5)

Ribera, Maria. (2011). Find free tools and more. Learning and leading with technology, 38(6), Retrieved from

Adam Bellow, director of technology for college board schools and a 2010 ISTE emerging leader, has created a great resource ( that offers free services for teachers and features a lot of sites about Web tools for the classroom. This website includes detailed explanation for Web tools to help teachers, students, and parents understand how to use them. It contains more than 1,000 links and is updated daily. It also offers audio and visual support for training and learning through its growing library (edutecherTV webisodes), as well as specific classroom applications of various Web tools.. Users can easily share any link from the Web tool’s description component. Edutecher can also be installed as an iphone application to facilitate social networking.

Question 1: Can users ask questions about Web tools through edutecher website?

Yes, each link allows users to ask questions or provide feedback. Users will be notified when a response is posted, usually within 2 days. This is very beneficial as questions are answered by Adam Bellow himself to insure users are getting sufficient information. This feature allows users to easily obtain answers instead of spending hours searching for it.

Question 2: Does this website offer links to a specific grade level?

Bellow’s range of selected websites offers something for teachers of all grade levels. Also the description provided for Web tools makes it easy for the teacher to select tools of interest or need. In addition, Teachers can search for tools that meets their requirements through the search tool on this website as it saves them time and effort. The search tool facilitates the navigation between pages and topics as well.

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