Friday, January 28, 2011

Hey my name is Noha.... Egypt!! That's where I grew up:)

I am originally from Egypt, I met my husband in 2006(of course he wasn't my husband then:))) he's Egyptian too but spent most of his life in the U.S., we met while he was visiting. Long story short we got married in 2008 and I came with him to the United States!
I have a B.A. in Graphic design, which i received from Fine Arts University "Alexandria, Egypt". Prior to that I was enrolled in EGC "English girls College" since I was in 1st grade, it's an Egyptian-English school, that's how I learned English;). I want to become a Math teacher:)))I always loved Math, and I think I am pretty good at it.

I am very excited about this class because I always wanted to use my computer skills when I teach. since I have a B.A. in graphic design, I didn't want to disregard what I learned for 4 years. I wouldn't say I am proficient using computer, but I am definitely good with Photoshop, Illustrator and MS office suite. So I wanna learn how to use this in my teaching career.
The COE mission statement was for sure a part of my decision when I applied to CSUSM. "The mission of the College of Education community is to collaboratively transform public education by preparing thoughtful educators and advancing professional practices." CSUSM is really committed to produce educators that can improve public education, and I wanna be one of them!. Also since i realized when I came here that the U.S. is a big ethnic "melting pot", it is very important that teachers would commit to educational equity, and social justice. Technology can be the key to help every teacher bring students from different backgrounds together in class.


  1. Hi Noha, I share the same interest with you in what you hope to teach one day. I absolutely love math as well and I know that not many people can say that! I hope to teach geometry or algebra in middle or high school after I get my credential.

  2. What a pretty name, Noha! I wish you continued success on your path to teaching math!

  3. Hi Noha :) I admire you for moving to the U.S. from Egypt! It takes great strength to move to another country. I lived in Brazil for some time, and my husband is Brasilian... so I see what it takes to leave your family and move so far away. One day I would love to go to Egypt, hopefully you can give me some good advice about traveling there!

  4. Wow Noha! Your from Egypt that's so cool! What an awesome experience it must be to have experienced two different cultures. Congratulations on your B.A in graphic design. I am an artist myself, but without the computer.

  5. Hi Noha,

    I love, love, love Egypt! I went last year and I had a really great time. I definitely fell in love with the rich culture of the country. I do hope that things get better over there :/.

    You must have some great photoshop skills.. I'm currently learning, it's pretty tricky. haha.

    Nice blog :].

  6. Hi Noha,

    I am looking forward to hearing more about your culture. How do you like living in the United States so far? I would love to visit Egypt one day. I tried to learn some of the programs you were talking about and I grew very frustrated. Maybe you can show me some tips!

  7. Hi Noha,

    How cool, you're from Egypt! I would love to go there one day! I sure hope you do not have family who are in danger back home, regarding to what is going on there today.

  8. Noha,
    That's so awesome that you are from Egypt. I have lived in San Diego my whole life and would love to travel. That's really great that you are going to school for another degree.

  9. Hi Noha,
    It was great to meet you in class last Thursday. I'm interested in hearing about your experiences as you go into teaching.

  10. Hi Noha,
    WOW!! Your story sounds so much like my best friend's parent's story it's crazy. He is Egyptian and his parents moved here when he was very young. I hope that if you have any family still over there that they are safe.